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If you do not know either, click here and chose a new Team."; $gaf='Your Mailadress'; $gag='Your Team'; $gah='banned'; $gai='Remind me'; $ha='for'; $hb='Source'; $hc='DuLiGa - Message about a Transfer'; $hd='Message has been sent'; $he='Message not sent.
Go back and try again'; $hf='By Team'; $hg='Mailadress'; $hh='Subject'; $hi='Message sent'; $hj='Waiting List: If youd like to be put at the end of the Waitinglist put in as subject -Waitinglist- and send us your E-Mailadress otherwise we cant mail back.'; $hk='Banned ? If you are banned the Admin noticed unfair actions of your Team. For complaints put in as subject -banned- and at -your Message- your complaints.

'; $hl='Subject'; $hm='Your Mailadress'; $hn='Your Team'; $ho='Your Message'; $hp='important: if you can
login to the site
ALLWAYS mail to'; $hq='See notice on the left side. Without mailing the Teamname and Mailadress we can not reply.'; $hr='Send'; $hs='report Transfer'; $ht='Your Team'; $hu='Player'; $hv='Transaction'; $hw='Team'; $hx='Name'; $hy='leaves the league'; $hz='changes Team'; $hzz='Transfer fee'; //veri.php about.php $ia='log deleted, bigger than 100 KB'; $ib='by'; $ic='While testing or maintenance the login is disabled.'; $id='Falls Sie keine Daten eingegeben haben und Cookies angeschalteet sind => Cookie löschen anclicken, login clicken und dann den Browser schliessen, wieder neu öffnen und dann aktualisieren und mit aktuellen Daten (ggf. Passwort zuschicken lassen) einloggen.

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because of unfair playing
or bad behaviour'; //admin.php forum.php suche.php $jaa='Season'; $jb='Day'; $jc='Player Database'; $jd='Member DB'; $je='Money DB'; $jf='Player Details'; $jg='Maintenance'; $jh='Mailfunctions'; $ji='Swap'; $jj='Adminnick'; $jk='Adminpassword'; $jl='no authority'; $zuruck='back'; $jn='Habitat'; $jo='Link'; $jp='Author'; $jq='Date'; $jr='Hits in Threadsubjects'; $js='0 Hits in Threadsubjects'; $jt='Hits in Replysubjects'; $ju='0 Hits in Replysubjects'; $jv='Hits in Replytexts'; $jw='0 Hits in Replytexts'; $jx='Hits among the Authors'; $jy='0 Hits among the Authors'; //inhalt.php /inc/about/assignform.php $ka='The Profile of the Team '.$verein.' does not match your current Profile. Access denied. Log in again and try once more.'; $pleaselog='Please login'; $kb='Team(s) online'; $kc='Information about the game and frequently asked questions'; $kd='Registered teams'; $freiet='Free Spaces'; $dliga='1. Division'; $dligb='2. Division North'; $dligc='2. Division South'; $dligd='3. Division North'; $dlige='3. Division East'; $dligf='3. Division South'; $dligg='3. Division West'; $ke='Your Division would be'; $kf='. of 12 Teams)
Check all data before you click -Register-.
Please chose 18 Players of all players that are still free.
You cant chose a player more than once.
You can buy players for at most '.$cadrestart.' € !'; $kg='Your Teamname'; $ksa='1. Goalkeeper'; $ksb='2. Goalkeeper'; $ksc='1. Defender'; $ksd='2. Defender'; $kse='3. Defender'; $ksf='4. Defender'; $ksg='5. Defender'; $ksh='6. Defender'; $ksi='1. Midfielder'; $ksj='2. Midfielder'; $ksk='3. Midfielder'; $ksl='4. Midfielder'; $ksm='5. Midfielder'; $ksn='6. Midfielder'; $kso='7. Midfielder'; $ksp='1. Striker'; $ksq='2. Striker'; $ksr='3. Striker'; $kss='4. Striker'; $kst='5. Striker'; $kh='The following teams have an incorrect Mailadress'; $ki='Team/Link to the team'; $league='League'; $worth='Teamworth'; $kj='Thereof cash'; $kk='Take over'; $kl='The following teams have not enough players (15)'; $km='There are 84 Teams registered and none of them is without manager. Do you want to receive a message if one team is released, put yourself on the Waitinglist'; //6aufstellungen aufstellung.php beobachtung.php checkuser.php config.php connect.php $la='Last change'; $lb='You have chosen a player more than once !
Please go back and change your Nomination'; $lc='The observed player'; $ld='has been sold directly or just placed on the Transfermarket.'; $le='Playerobservation'; $lf='DuLiGa - Playerobservation'; $lg='You are not logged in, please log in and try again.'; $lh='Your Team has been banned. This happens every time when more Teams with the same Profile log in than allowed. If you have not logged in next 2 Weeks and saved your Nomination or switched the Mail notification on nothing happens, unless you are not associated to unfair actions.'; $li='DuLiGa - IMportant: Banned'; $lj='Your Account(s) have been banned.
Your maximum Team count'; $lk='Countdown for taking over started.
This happens every time when more Teams with the same Profile log in than allowed. If you have not logged in next 2 Weeks and saved your Nomination or switched the Mail notification on nothing happens, unless you are not associated to unfair actions.
Admin was informed of this action.
When exceeding the maximum team number repeatedly, retribution or complete banning possible.
Supportmails are only answered when caontaining the Teamname and a valid EMail Adress.'; //einstellungen.php ewige.php ich.php $ma='If you switch off Supportmails
you can not take part in the lottery
and risk to be deleted on next occasion'; $mb='I want to receive Supportmails (News, Information)'; $mc='I want to receive notification when Forum Posts are answered'; $md='I want to receive notification when outbid at the Transfermarket'; $me='I want to receive notification when new ingame Mails come in'; $mf='Threadlayout in the Forum: newest on top'; $mg='Colour 1/Background'; $mh='Colour 2/Text'; $mi='Please state your Password'; $schick='Submit'; $mj='Change of the settings'; $mk='Change done.
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. Create bold Texts with and close with to mark the end of the bold text. This way you can also write Italics () or underline (). With and you can show text coloured. All common englisch colours can be used, as black, red, blue etc"; $mn='Do not delete offensive Mail and report to '.$adminv.'.'; $mo='Inbox'; $mp='Outbox'; $mq='Read all (I)'; $mr='Read all (O)'; $ms='to'; $mt='by'; $mu='Inbox'; $read='read'; $unread='unread'; $mv='delete all'; $mw='Answer'; $mx='Delete'; $my='Delete Standards'; $mz='Standards deleted'; $mzz='Mails deleted'; $mza='A new ingame mail has just been delivered by the Team'; $mzb='DuLiGa - New Ingame Mail'; $mxc='Mail sent'; $mxd='Subject of the mail'; //inhalt-oben.php $na='Tactics'; $nb='451'; $nc='532'; $nd='442'; $ne='433'; $nf='352'; $ng='343'; $nh='Bets'; $ni='Cup'; $nj='Bank'; $nk='Transfers'; $nl='Tables'; $nm='Statistics'; $nn='Scorer I'; $no='Scorer II'; $np='team'; $nq='Finances'; $nhist='History'; $ns='Transfers'; $nt='Own Data'; $nu='Settings'; $nv='Rename'; $nw='Supportmail'; $nx='About you'; $ny='Mailadress'; $nz='Logindetails'; $nzz='Emblem'; //invite.php kader.php konto.php logout.php pokal.php $oa='will be notified of your acceptance with his next click'; $ob='will be notified of your rejection with his next click'; $oc='will be invited with his next click'; $rkurzt='G'; //the positionshortcuts of the players as shown in the database $rkurzd='D'; $rkurzm='M'; $rkurzs='F'; $od='Day survey'; $day='Day'; $oe='Items'; $of='Over all'; $og='Teamworth'; $oh='Balance last day'; $oi='Tax'; $oj='Rewards'; $ol='Selling'; $om='Subtotal'; $oo='Buying'; $op='Open Items'; $oq='Saisonoverview'; $or='Balance'; $os='Cookies deleted'; $diepaar='The pairings in'; $diepaarb='The pairings in'; $diepaarc='The'; $ot='Round'; $ou='Amateur'; $ov='Final'; $ow='previous round'; $ox='next round'; //rename.php rgb.php $vcheckon='Historie des Vorgänger Vereins beibehalten (nur wenn Besitzer gleich bleibt)'; $va='This name is allready taken
Please go back and chose an other'; $vbhat='You have prepared a not completed rename action'; $vc='preparation of the temporary database succesful'; $vd='preparation of the temporary database not succesful'; $ve='temporary database deleted
Try again to prepare rename action'; $vf='error while creating temp DB
go back and try again
when error occurs more than once send Supportmail'; $vg='error occured,please copy above text (error:) and send this information in a Supportmail'; $vh='teamfile renamed to'; $vi='Chmod done'; $vj='renamed'; $vk='rename action succesful.
Please login'; $vl='here again'; $vm='Please fill in new Name and Password'; $vn='New Teamname'; $vo='Please fill in Password'; $vp='Teamname'; $vq='Your Password'; $vr='You can chose your Textcolour and Backgroundcolour among these colours.
You can chose hexadecimal colours (above) or common colournames (below)'; $close='close'; //spielerstats.php spieltag.php spieltagpokal.php $wa='Points this day'; $wb='Point apportionment'; $wc='Points ever'; $wd='Real season'; $we='Second Last Season'; $wf='Last Season'; $wg='This Saison'; $gesamt='Overall'; $wh='Insets ever'; $wi='Insets Season'; $wj='Insets Team'; $wk='Normpprice'; $wl='Position'; $wm='Real Team'; $wn='Owner'; $wo='Watched by'; $wp='Price of the Player'; $wq='Pairing'; $wr='of the Cup'; $ws='after 90. Min'; $wt='after Penalties'; $wu='after Overtime'; $playerst='Statistics of the Player'; //steckbrief.php $xa='Current League'; $xb='Manager'; $xc='from'; $xd='born on'; $xe='and working as'; $xf='ICQ Number'; $xg='I am Fan of'; $xh='Member of the Club'; $xi='and member of a Fanclub'; $xj='Fanfriendship with'; $xk='confirmed'; $xl='unconfirmed'; $xm='My Homepage'; $xn='History, Seasonoverview'; $xo='Season'; $xp='Rank'; $xq='My Aim'; $xr='Points
Goals'; $xs='My best/funniest soccer experience'; $xt='Anything besides soccer to tell ?'; $xu='The team'; //support.php tabelle.php tips.php useronline.php $ya='If you want to delete your account,
send a Mail requesting to be deleted'; $goindex='To Mainsite'; $yb='

Points apportionment:

1. Division: 30 (first)-21 Points (last)
2. Division: 20-11 Points
3. Division: 10-1 Points

This are the points per year, all yeras added make the Ranking'; $yc="
Red fields mark a Highsecurity Pairing

For relegation Points, Goaldifference and Number of own goals authoritative"; $yd=""; $ye="
RankPictureName" . chr(149) . "DifGoalsAgainstWDL+3+2+1-1-2-3Liga
"; $readmn='Read'; $yf='The eternal Table of the Duliga'; $yg='Overall Table of all Divisions'; $yh='Pairings and Tables of'; $yi='Eternal Table'; $yj='Overall Table'; $yk='All Pairings'; $yl='1 - Homevictory , 0 - Draw , 2 - Outwardvictory'; $ym='Winner'; $yn='Pot'; $yo='Pairings'; $yp='Results'; $yq='Homevictory'; $yr='Draw'; $ys='Outwardvictory'; $yt='has invited you into th chat'; $yu='Reject'; $yv='Accept'; $yw="Your offer was rejected."; $yx="Your offer was accepted."; $yy='Team(s)'; $yz='Guests'; $yzz='Invite'; $yza='You have no valid E-Mail Adress, your team is free to be taken over'; $yzb='You have less than 15 Players in the team, your team is free to be taken over'; //wappen.php wappenlist.php $za='Tactic'; $shoplink=''; $zb='Please chose at first a Emblem by clicking the links beside the Emblems
Than click with the right Mousetab and chose -save Picture as-
Save it on your local Computer. Now chose the saved file and click -Upload- Button.
You can also upload yur own gif or jpg up to 6 kb and 80*80 Points'; $zc='previous 5 Emblems'; $here='here'; $zczc='Or search among existing symbols
(eg if your Symbol disappeared after renameing)'; $zd='next 5 Emblems'; $ze='Chose the picture from your local Computer'; $zf='Probably the picture you want upload is bigger than 10 KB'; $zg='File laoded on the server'; $zh='File deleted'; $zi='Could not rename File'; $zj='File renamed to'; $zk='If your picture is not shown here, the old picture is still in your browsers cache.
Please use'; $zl='this Link to test your Emblem.
If it is not shown Press F5 to reload the browser.
If it is still not shown upload process failed. Try again.
If this occurs more than once send Supportmail'; $zm='Byte is the size of your file.
Maximum size is 6000 Byte.
File deleted'; $zn='File is no gif or jpg'; //tfminc $deaktiv='This Function is deactivated Saturday from 15.00 till Monday 16.00'; $tinca='Goalkeeper'; $tincb='Defender'; $tincc='Mitfiedler'; $tincd='Striker'; $tince='Million €'; $tincf='As smallest transfer fee for the'; $tincg='(New Player) is the worth of the player'; $tinch='As smallest transfer fee for the'; $tinci='postulates the Team'; $tincj='Place Bid'; $tinceinfueg="
This bid may be withrawn. If there are former bidders it costs 1 Mio € and you might not bid again for the player next 7 days or buy the player directly. Former bidder will be informed. If there arent former bidders this action is free."; $tinck='Discard'; $tincl='Bid by'; $tincm='On players of the Teams'; $tincn='you cant place bids'; $tinco='The team that is offering the player does not own him anymore'; $tincp='DuLiGa - You are outbid'; $tincq='Outbid'; $tincr="Your bid for "; $tincs=" of "; $tinct=" Mio. Euro has just been outbid."; $tincu='Bid placed'; $tincv='Bid direct'; $doppelp='Doublepost'; $maxkader='Maximum of team reached'; $minkader='Minimum of team reached'; $bereitsin='This player is allready part of your team'; $nichtin='This player aint part of your team'; $tincw='You allready hold the highest bid at Transfer Nr.'; $tincx='Bid'; $tincy='Balance only'; $tincz='You hav lately withdrawn a bid for'; $tinczz='.
Until'; $tinczzz='you cant place a bid for that player.'; $tiba='Click on the Lastname to see Playerdetails.
If buying directly does not work: save your team nomination and try again.'; $tibb='Buy directly'; $tibc='New balance'; $tibbfa=' deleted a bid for the player '; $tibbfb='held the second bid'; $tibd='Maybe your nomination ahs changed by this action.
Renominate if necessary on the mainsite'; $tibe='Player baught'; $tibf='Balance before'; $tibg='Buy directly'; $tibh="A Team with the same Profile has player "; $tibi=" sold directly and you can not buy the player until "; $tibj=" again."; $tibk="You have the player "; $tibl="You have a bid for the player "; $tibm=" withdrawn and you can not buy the player until "; $tibn='No player chosen'; $tibo='Player on Transfermarket'; $tibp='Sell directly'; $tibq='Put on Transfermarket'; $tibr='Take of Transfermarket'; $tibs='A player sold directly can not be baught one Month.
Players worth 3 Mil. and morewill be sold directly, but will appear on the Transfermarket'; $tibt='has an offer to change and will do that if it is not deleted'; $tibu='Bid discarded'; $tibv='DuLiGa - Bid discarded'; $tibw='A bid for the player'; $tibx=" has just been dicarded. If you still want the player make a new offer."; $tiby='No bidding for'; $tibz='allowed until'; $tibzz='Auction set back'; $tibzzz='1 Mio due retained'; $tica='Swap deleted'; $ticb='Swap could not be deleted'; $ticc='The team '.$verein.' has deleted the complete Swap for 1 Mio due.'; $ticd='Swap offer'; $tice='The Team '.$verein.' has accepted your swapping offer. After approval of the Admin (Monday) the swap will be executed if Player and Money are still available.'; $ticf='Acceptance saved.
After approval of the Admin (Monday) the swap will be executed if Player and Money are still available'; $ticg='Transfers'; $toverein='Swap to this Team'; $tich='Offer'; $tici='Register Swap offer'; $ticj='this player'; $tick='against player'; $ticl='who pays'; $ticm='I pay'; $ticn='Other one pays'; $tico='how much'; $ticp='You want to know who owns your desired player ?
Transfers => Free (all) => click on the Link to the Playerdetails'; $ticq='Swap Offers that are actually open'; $ticqa='by Team'; $ticqb='to Team'; $ticr='added how much'; $delete='Delete'; $tics='Swap offers to your own Team'; $tict='By both sides accepted Swaps, Deleting 1 Mio. €, performed Monday'; $ticu='Minimum one player has to change the Team'; $derverein='The Team'; $tida='has the same Profil, therefore a Transfer is forbidden'; $tidb='has the player on the Transfermarket and has to take him off first'; $tidc='you wanted to make the offer does not own the player'; $tidd='An offer for a swap of the Team '.$verein.' just came in.'; $tide='DuLiGa - Swap offered'; $tidf='has only'; $tidg='does not won the player anymore'; $tidh='Swap'; $tidi='Sell'; $tidj='Sort'; $tidk='All'; $tidl='Price'; $tidm='Time'; $tidn='Views'; $tido='Own Players'; $tidp='Own Bids'; $tidq='Open'; $tidr='Closed'; $tids='Buying/Selling directly is disabled Sa 15.00 bis Mo 16.00'; $tidt='Transfermarket'; $tidu='closes Sunday at 20.00'; $new='-new-'; $tidv='Highest Bid by'; $tidw='Bids'; $tidx='Player Statistics'; $tidy='Info about the player in the'; $tidz='No bid'; $tidaz='Sell directly'; $tidaza='Player sold'; $ticcct='This Saison allready done Swaps'; $wechselb='Not in the line-up'; $freep='Free'; $tidaxyy='Swap Offer Saved'; $tidaxyz='Swap Offer Accepted'; //news log $nla='New registered team'; $nlb='Takeover details team '; $nlc=' to the Mailaddress: '; $nld='New player in the Duliga: '; $derspi='The player '; $nle='leaves the Duliga'; $nlf='The position has changed of the player'; $nlg='Team deleted: '; $nlh=' punished to pay Mio'; $nli=' bonus given of Mio'; $nll='Weekly Evaluation done'; $nlm='renamed to '; $nlls='Season Evaluation done'; //inc/stats $incsa='The Scorer statistics of the current season after crew parts'; $incsb='Place'; $incsc='The Top Scorer of the last 3 seasons '; $incsd='This season'; $incse='Last season '; $incsf='Next to last season'; $incsg='Entirely'; $incsh='The cadres statistics'; $incsi='Most successful cadres'; $incsj='Most expensive cadres'; $incsk='Biggest cadres'; $incsl='Smallest cadres'; $incsm='The finance statistics'; $incsn='Richest teams'; $incso='Top breadwinner'; $incsp='Team value'; $incsq='Top payer'; $incsr='Taxes'; $incss='Premiums'; $incst='Gross money supply increase'; $incsu='Crew value/team on the average'; $incsv='1. League assets/team on the average'; $incsw='1. League Team value on the average'; $incsx='2. League assets/team on the average'; $incsy='2. League Team value on the average'; $incsz='Amateur League assets/team on the average'; $incszz='Amateur League Team value on the average'; $incta='Season'; $inctb='The masters'; $inctc='The Cup winners'; $inctd='The Winners of the Bets'; $incte='The Amateur Cup Winners'; $inctf='The Lottery winners'; $inctg='^Profit'; $incth='Teams'; $incua='The first number right of the respective Button is always the season and then follows the play day and/or the league/the team.
Please some patience, complex Script.'; $incub='Table'; $incuc='All matches'; $incud='Bets'; $incue='League matches'; $incuf='Cup matches'; $incug='Highest victories'; $incuh='Highest Remis'; $incui='Alltime Table'; $incuj='The History'; $incuk='The best active players of the Duleague'; $incul='Scorer'; $incum='Matches'; $incun="The transfer market statistics of season ".$saison; $incuo='Player'; $incup='Day/ID'; $incuq='from'; $incur='too'; $incus='Price'; //inc/eigene $ineaa='New password is registered'; $ineab='New nick is registered '; $ineac='Cookies deleted'; $inead='Password/nick changed of'; $ineae='Your new Login/Nick'; $ineaf='New Nick'; $ineag='Please put Password in'; $ineah='Your Password'; $ineai='Your new Password'; $ineaj='New Password'; $ineba='Mailadress deleted. The Account is now shut down'; $inebb='Duleague - Team '.$verein.' deleted !'; $inebc='Send Mails to Users on the Waiting List !'; $inebd='Nem Mailadress is registered'; $inebe='Mailadress changed of'; $inebf="Please you examine its E-Mail address before sending the Formulars.
Is the field 'new Mailadresse' left empty apply the account as deleted and the association can be taken over from other Users.

Your Mailadress"; $inebg='Your new Mailadress'; $inebh='New Mailadress'; $inebi='select players to observe'; $inebj='It is only one fan friendship possible'; $inebk='Enter above link to the user picture'; $inebl='or upload Userpicture'; $inebm='fan friendship with'; $inebn='or upload Userpicture'; $ichga='I terminate the season as champion'; $ichgb='I terminate the season as promoter'; $ichgc='I fight against moving down'; $ichgd='I terminate the season in the middle of the table'; $ichge='I win the cup'; $ichgf='I win the amateur cup'; $ichwa='I am in other countries as supporter sometimes'; $ichwb='I was in an other countriy as supporter one time'; $ichwc='I have never been in an other country as supporter'; $ichwd='I attend matches of the national team sometimes'; $ichwe='I attended a matche of the national team one time'; $ichwf='I never attended matches of the national team'; $ichba='I never attend matches away'; $ichbb='I attend matches away sometimes'; $ichbc='I attend matches away often'; $ichbd='I go into the stadium'; $ichbe='I go into the stadium sometimes'; $ichbf='I go into the stadium often'; $ichbg='I got a season ticket'; $ichbh='I am member of the above named Club'; $ichbi='I am member a Supporters Club'; $ichbj='I am playing football actively'; $ichbk='I am a coach/responsible person'; $ichbl='Overwrite the fields please'; $ichbm='ICQ Number'; $ichbn='My signature for the forum'; $ichbo='The best Footballstory of my life'; $ichbp='Something more about yourself ?'; $ichbq='Overwrite the fields please'; $ichbx='Hometown'; $ichby='Profession'; $ichbz='Birthday'; //inc/about assigntakeover.php assignverei.php $abua='Taking over closed '; $abub='Hallo Newmanager'; $abuc='On your desire I send you the Login details for the team'; $abud='DuLeague - Login Details for'; $abue='Login Details for the team'; $abuf='are sent.
Please login as fast as possible with these data and change your password as well as Mailadress and increase the cadre on at least 16 players '; $abug='Taking over'; $abuh='To take over the team completely you must change now your password and your Mailadress to make sure that the old owner cant login anymore and increase the cadre to at least 16 players, if necessary by direct purchase some cheap players to ensure that taking over is not possible anymore. If the team value (=Teamworth plus Money, click on -Bank-) is below '.$cadrestart.' million € send ingame mail to '. $adminv.'. Change also the Login or the team name if desired. Questions ? Send ingame mail to '. $adminv.' if question not answered in the forum or in the FAQ.'; $abui='The E-Mail address is invalid'; $abuj='One of the fields was filled out insufficiently'; $abuk='One of the fields was not filled out'; $abul='You selected a Goalkeeper two times'; $abum='You selected a Defender two times'; $abun='You selected a Striker two times'; $abuo='You selected a Midfielder two times'; $abup='Teamname allready used'; $abuq='Login/Nick allready used'; $abur='Mailadress allready used'; $abus='Million € spend too much (Total spent'; $abut='Mill €).
Please change your selection'; $abuu='Registration closed'; $abuv='Your account for the team'; $abuw='is registered, welcome to the Duleague.

Your League'; $abux='Starter Nr.'; $abuy='(of 12).

Please verify your account by logging in.
The Logindetails are at the end of the mail.
If you dont log in before the next maintenance is done, your account will be deleted.
But you can register again anytime.

Please save the mail or print it for later use.

Your Logindetails:'; $abuz='Change the Password after the first Login. Please use Forum and read the FAQs, mail ingame to '.$adminv.' or use the Admins Mailadress '.$adminm.' for urgent questions'; $abuza='DuLiGa - Registration'; $abuzb="Welcome to the Duleague,
What you should know:
Use the Transfermarket to fill up your cadre to at least 16 players. From an hour before the start of the first match of the day the option to save your team will be deactivated. It will be aktivated again after the last day of the match, when the maintenace for this day is done. This site exists for the love to football and for the fun of the users. Remember that this project is based on a free software and is run by the admins in their spare time. So be patient and helpful to the admins and that means: dont abuse bugs, post them in the forum. If you got questions mail ingame to ".$adminv." or open a new thread in the forum, if the questions cant be answered by using the search function of the forum or reading the FAQs.

If you like the game, be active and help getting new members by word of mouth.

Regards, And good luck in you manager career,
"; $abuzc='Welcome'; $abuzd='DuLiGa - Registration'; $abuze='You are now a member of the duleague.
A mail with your Login details has just been sent to you mailadress.
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- more fun with football along the whole week and especially on the weekends ?
- to manage a team of real football players ?
- to lead your team to Cup victories and Championchips ?
- to sell, buy and swap Rooney and Co ?
- to feel home in a decent community ?
- to take part in the developement of the rules and the interface ?
- a fast support ?

Register here for the ".$saison.". season of the Duleague.

Information about the game and the FAQs can be found here"; $admf='To all'; $admg='Plain Text of the mail, without greetings.

Best regards, '.$adminv; $admh='DuLeague, Mail to all Users'; $admi='Single mail'; $admj='Plain Text of the single mail, without greetings.

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Players of the real teams that went down must be deleted:
Players of the real teams that went up must be inserted by /admin.php'; $arqi='only'; $arqj='New PLayer'; $arqk='Lastname'; $arql='Firstname'; $arqm='Change price'; $arqn='Change Position'; $arqo='Change Team'; $arqp='New Player'; $arqq='Delete Player'; $arza='Change Player DB of'; $arzb='Name'; $arzc='Pos'; $arzd='Team'; $arze='Points'; $arzf='Price'; $arzg='Owner 1'; $arzh='Owner 2'; $arzi='Owner 3'; $arzj='Owner 4'; $arzk='Owner 5'; $arzl='Owner 6'; $arzm='Player gone'; $arzn='deleted from team'; $arzo='was sold, because he left the League. Refund:'; $arzp='DuLeague - Player gone'; $arzq='maintenance first'; $arzr='Plays now'; $arzs='Position changed'; $arzt='Swap deleted'; $arzu='not allowed because its not ballanced'; $arzv='deleted da'; $arzw='max. number reached'; $arya='transfered'; $aryb='swaps'; $aryc='with'; $aryd='pays'; $arye='for'; $aryf='to'; $aryg='Swap done'; $aryh='has the player on the transfer market and must take it from the market first'; $aryi='has only'; $aryj='does not own the player anymore'; $aryk='No Swaps in the list'; $aryl='of'; $arym='corrected. New balance'; $aryn='before'; $aryo='after'; $aryp='must'; $aryq='Winning the Bets before'; $aryr='Players'; $arys='Winner'; $aryt='Winning the bets'; $aryax='You have won with'; $aryay='points the Bets of the'; $aryaz='. day. You won'; $aryu='Congratulations'; $arva='Chose day (1 Hometeam won,0 Remis, 2 Away team won, 3 not played (winter))'; $arvb='Season'; $arvc='Day'; $arvd='Result'; $arve='updated'; $arvf='Match'; $arvga='Congratulations for the championchips. '; $arvgb='Congratulations for moving up. You have been payed a reward.'; $arvgba='Congratulations for winning the Cup. You have been payed a reward.'; $arvgbb='Congratulations for beeing in the finals. '; $arvgc='You are allowed to take part in the Amateur Cup because of your sucessful season.'; $arvg='You are given Tickets for the Lottery because of your sucessful season.'; $arvgd='You are qualified for the UFFTA Cup.'; $arvge='You are qualified for the Duleague.'; $arvi='You are given Tickets for the Lottery because of your sucessful bets.'; $arvh='Congratulation'; $abwesend='Injured'; $abbaa='injred'; $abbab='red Card'; $abbac='yellow Cards'; $abbad='National Team'; $abbae='match trial'; $abbaf='holidays'; $wogesl='Infolink'; $wielangnoch='back again:'; $aktivitaet='Activity'; $ayyaa='Swap wanted'; $ayyac='Swap wanting saved'; $ayyab='Additional Information'; $wennkd="If the following site can not be shown or errors occur no Data for the chosen time is available."; $nochnixt='As the season hasnt started no table is available.
If at least one season has been made, use the following form to take a look at the table of the last season.'; $bcvtxt='Round has not been created or can not be played because there are not enough team registered.'; $bereitsende='Auction ended'; $realteams="Chelsea,Manchester U.,Arsenal,Liverpool,Tottenham,Newcastle,Everton,Manchester C.,Middlesbrough,Aston Villa,Fulham,Portsmouth,Charlton,West Ham,Blackburn,Wigan,Bolton,Sheffield U.,Reading,Watford"; $tstcl='Teamsetup closed/opened'; $tstcm='closed at'; $tstcn='o clock'; $tstca='opened whole day'; $tstcb='closed whole day'; $tstcc='Info Text'; $erstesjahr='New in the League'; $forrk='No matches this Week'; $forrq='Next Week'; $mon='Monday'; $tue='Tuesday'; $thu='Thursday'; $wed='Wednesday'; $fri='Friday'; $sat='Saturday'; $sun='Sunday'; $ignore='Ignore User (more than one divided by ,):'; ?>
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