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1. Important and formal
---------- 1.0 The History
---------- 1.1 Basic Rules
---------- 1.2 Guest login
---------- 1.21 Cookies
---------- 1.3 Financial
---------- 1.3.0 Free
---------- 1.3.1 Lot Dispatching
---------- 1.3.2 Drawing
---------- 1.3.3 Current Advertisement
---------- 1.4 Legal
---------- 1.5 Disclaimer
---------- 1.6 Imprint

2. About the game ?
---------- 2.0.0 The Fantasy League ?
---------- 2.0.1 What does this offer ?
---------- 2.1 Registration
---------- 2.2 Username
---------- 2.3 Team before Username secure
---------- 2.4 Attitudes
---------- 2.5 Support
---------- 2.6 Concise rules

3. The Interface
---------- 3.0 Information
---------- 3.1 Navigation
---------- 3.2 Playing field and squad
---------- 3.3 Forum
---------- 3.4 Transfers
---------- 3.4.0 Exchange
---------- 3.4.1 Selling
---------- 3.4.2 Offers
---------- 3.4.3 Free Transfers
---------- 3.5 Statistics
---------- 3.6 Calendar/dates
---------- 3.7 Wap site by mobile phone

4. General
---------- 4.0 Multiple Teams
---------- 4.1 High safety plays
---------- 4.2 Fairplay
---------- 4.3 Spam
---------- 4.4 Blocking
---------- 4.5 Open Source
---------- 4.6 A goal/assistance

5. Exact Rules
---------- 5.1.0 League playing days
---------- 5.1.1 Cup playing days
---------- 5.2.0 Premium
---------- 5.2.1 Taxes
---------- 5.2.2 Open Posts
---------- 5.3 Enforced sales
---------- 5.4 Provisional Rules
---------- 5.5 Tapping Play
---------- 5.6 New player in the league
---------- 5.7 Players leaving the league
---------- 5.8 Player values and positions
---------- 5.9 Player transfers

6. Frequent Questions
---------- 6.0 When money is deducted
---------- 6.1 Summer break?
---------- 6.2 Players begin on the TFM?
---------- 6.3 Why can 1 player play 2 teams?
---------- 6.4 Who plays in the amateur cup ?
---------- 6.5 Prices rise fast ?
---------- 6.6 Sell players with minimum squad size ?

1.0 The History
A long time ago, around the end of 2000 when there was not online playable football managers to play on the Internet, it followed that a young Duisburger HSV fan, we will call him Michael, went online to search for a pastime to while away the long hours at work. Michael registered himself into the waiting list gate of the manager play, a playbymail theory whereby the lists for the federal league plays are submitted via mail and using a relatively complicated code that the managers have accumulated there became an off line program of results and statistics computed. The play was extremely statically, transfers and communication became complicated due to the mail process, tables and statistics were relatively dated. I began to tinker with a ‘senseless’ homepage with at the time a fairly new language PHP and SQL databanks, I evolved a simple structured exercise which was not very much fun but despite this some friends and acquaintances participated. The Duliga started on 22nd May 2002, with opening play of theWM in Japan/Korea, The first 2 rounds were purely taping rounds for the WM and Hirunde season of 2002/03. Daily I by pronounced self instruction also a little boredom and a bit more knowledge got into a discussion with the gates community on whether one could create an interface for the play course using browsers. Eventually there was a reference that PBM play technology was becoming out dated and I lost interest during Nov/Dec2002. I then found a rough gate play pattern via the Browserumgebung, of an organisation with 12 leagues, by 1st March 2003 there was a starting signal for the ‘manager play’ Duliga including a transfer market that had already began. This achievement meant that now players could have a platform to ‘build’ a league, material was supplied and with all information now at fingertips then play should be “free of charge, fairness and friendly handling should prevail” . That was and is the ideal.

1.1 Basic Rules
Each league of the Duliga has about 12 teams, which at the end of season 2 are ‘Aufstieger’ and 4 are ‘Absteiger’ (apart from the federal league and regional league which naturally have no ‘Aufsteiger’ and/or ‘Absteiger’) . One season perseveres 11 ‘material’ play days of the federal league using the play speed motivation of fellow players to increase and sort out non participating players. Only ‘first legs’ take place, whereby 3 seasons per year can be played and fast development is given. Federal league players set up in self chosen formation. Each player gets results according to federal league points. +3 - Elfer, Feistross, to zero (TW), held (TW) +2 - Tir +1 - Vorlage, zu Null (Abw) -1 - Gelb/Rote Karte -2 - Rote Karte -3 - Eigentor The additional own crew has more points and the opponent receives 3 points, leaving an undecided 1 point for the table. In cup competitions it goes with resembling and onto extensions??? At maximum a Duliga team consists of a 1st, two 2nds and 4 regional A 12 teams thus totaling 84 teams. If there is free space one team can announce themselves or allow another team to take over. Otherwise the team is set to the waiting list and are informed of a free space. .

1.11 Cookies
Cookies store the log in data to your computer and are removed automatically after 1 month, no other data is stored and no further data is collected.

1.2 Guest Login
if you want to play without Registering then log in is fairly uncomplicated - the 'gast' is the Username as well as the password. http://www.duliga.de/ Some features are closed for security.

1.3 Financial
The income from advertising is used if necessary. Donations of generous transfers are also accepted.

1.3.0 Free
This online game is, and remains contrary to belief, totally free of charge. Costs arise that are comparatively small for the owner.

1.3.1 Lot Dispatching
Current lot distribution is found in overview of chat. Uniting the following places will occupy assigned lots = Cup winner ;7 Lose Cup finalist ;4 Lose Champion ;7 Lose 2nd league 1 :6 Lose 3rd league 1 1:5 Lose 4 liga 1 :4 Lose 1ter 2te league :3 Lose 2ter 2te league :2 Lose 1ter 3te league :2 Lose 2ter 3te league :1 Lose Amateur cup winner :4 Lose Amateur cup finalist :1 Lose 1ter Tipping league :4 Lose 2ter Tipping league :3 Lose 3ter Tipping league : 2 Lose 4ter Tipping league :1 Lose At the end of season order of rank is determined with play according to the descension of points on the previous play day. Lots are assigned only if the club has been associated with at least 6 play days during season. Even if the crew did not deny play in this time. In extreme cases the crews in an empty league with no points can receive ‘lots’ as a way of rewarding the patience of the manager. At this time we hope to have maximum profit, as when the pot becomes full it is down to the members by way of the existence of their teams to hold or increase the pot.

1.3.2 Current
All income from advertising are paid at the end of the winter break and/or depending upon the pot extend to summer break. The total amount among all masters, cup winners and tapping play winners of the season is drawn by lots and is held live in chat. A user with more than one team can only win the most successful number of lots and participate. The maximum amount to be paid is 25 Euro, anything exceeding this is put into pot for the following season. Briefly before summer or winter break everyone will be informed of the date of drawing of lots. A program will take lots from the pot at set intervals, the remainder being the recipient. If an profits are not made for this then the following year I will donate the difference.

1.3.3 Current Advertisement
All money the league gets is shown on the left. I.e., a side will only get 4 Euro for a banner on Ebay, where you are responsible for its announcement. With tipp24 it is the same, however if you are late in announcement and log in without Duliga.com the league gets the money. The red set on left bring money in via click. Banner and Button: Google: depending upon clicks and impressions Ebay: 4 € per registration + seasonal ones clicks 47mobile.de: 0.02 € per Click + 1 € per sales Red set off Click on the left of: Left of football manager: 0,05 € per click Left of pitstop2004.de: 0,05 € per Click Left of IceFighter.com: 0,05 € per Click Normal left: Link of tipp24. De: 1 € per registration/1% by sale

1.4 Legal
This program is exclusively for private Purposes, any date, Pictorial material or text used in any way commercially and which have a financial gain attached to them should be paid to the user, The person named in the imprint bears the cost of this site. Any monies recieved by the person in control of the site goes towards paying for the domain and hosting of this site. All money given to the site owner will be in the form of a donation and is non-returnable.

1.5 Disclaimer

1. Contents of the on-line offer
The author does not take over any guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the available information. Liability claims against the author referring to idealistic material which was caused by the use or Nichtnutzung of the dargebotenen info and/or incorrect or incomplete info is in principle impossible. Unless proof that the author has been deliberate or negligent to blame for providing this. All offers are not binding and noncommittal. The author reserves the right to expressly change parts of or the entire offer without an announcement to publicise or finally stop.

2. References +links With direct or indirect references to odd web pages (hyperlinks)that are outside the responsibility of the author, am adhesion obligation exclusive in the case would be enforced, thereby making prevention of illegal contents. The author explains that at the time of link setting no illegal contents were recognizable. On the current and future organization, contents or authority of the sites are not influenced by the author. Therefore it disassociates itself from all links. This statement applies to all Internet offers, references or entries into guest books that may be provided by the author, panels, link listings and all other forms of databases on whose contents external logs are accessible.

3.Author and characteristic rights. The author is anxious to consider publication copyrights of used pictures, diagrams, clay/tone documents, video sequences and texts he has provided. All offers specified in Internet that are third party protected, registered trade marks are subject without reservation of all characteristic rights and possession rights of the owners. However due to the bare denomination of this conclusion brand names are not protected by third parties. The copyright for publishes and provided objects remains with the author. A duplication or use of diagrams, clay/tone documents, video sequences and texts in electronic or printed publication are not permitted without express agreement of author.

4.Data security. If within the Internet the offer of possibility input of personal or business data(email addresses, names,) exists then giving up this information lays on the users consent. The recourse to and payment of all offered services are reasonable - also without indication of such data and/or anonymity permits. The use in context of imprint or comparable data of published contacts such as postal addresses, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers via a third party is not permitted. Legal steps against the senders of so called ‘spam’ mails are expressly reserved.

5.Legal force of no liability. This non-liability is to be regarded as part of the Internet offer, from which to this side one referred. If parts or individual formulations of this text of the valid legal situation should not correspond, to no more or not completely, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their contents and their validity by it.

1.6 Imprint
All Scripts of this Domain are subject to the GNU Public License.

2.0 The Fantasy League ?

2.1 What Does This Offer?

2.2 Username

2.3 Team before Usernamme sichern

2.4 Attitudes

2.5 Support

2.6 Concise Rules/Ergebnisse

3.0 Information

3.1 Navigation

3.2 Playing field and squad

3.3 Forum

3.4 Transfers

3.4.0 Exchange

3.4.1 Selling

3.4.2 Offers

3.4.3 Free Transfers

3.5 Statistics

3.6 Calender/Dates

3.7 Wap site by mobile phone

4.0 Multiple Teams

4.1 High safety plays

4.2 Fairplay

4.3 Spam/Spam

4.4 Blocking

4.5 Open Source

4.6 A goal/assistance

5.1.0 League playing days

5.1.1 Cup playing days

5.2.0 Premium
The winning team from the regional league goes into the 2nd league and the Top team from the 2nd league into the federal league receives €. league premiums to 1 million:

The winner league of a play gets 0,2 Mio

the loser 0,1 Mio

with undecided each 0,15 millions

In addition comes for:

0-3 gates 0,2 Mio

4-7 gates 0,25 millions

8-11 gates 0,3 millions

12 and more gates 0,35 Mio

cup premiums:

Participation R.2: 0.1 Mio.

Participation R.3: 0.15 Mio.

participation 1/8: 0.2 Mio.

Participation 1/4: 0.3 Mio.

Participation 1/2: 0.4 Mio.

Participation final: 0.5 Mio.

Cup victory: 1 Mio.

For the participation in the first round there is no money. For the round introduction by free lot there is no money, but one gets more in the next round. The money is always disbursed on the play day, on which also the result is out-played. Thus both clubs in round get 3 at the 3ten play day 0.15 millions

Amateur championship:

Participation 1/8: 0.1 Mio.

participation 1/4: 0.15 Mio.

participation 1/2: 0.2 Mio.

participation final: 0.25 Mio

. cup victory: 0.4 Mio.


5.2.1 Taxes
Taxes are paid proportional by the club value (see to statistics => addition from Squad value + open posts + assets). club value smaller 55 millions => Tax=0

club value more than 55 millions => Tax= 0.2%

club value more than 60 millions => Tax= 0.4%

club value more than 65 millions => Tax=0,5%

club value more than 70 millions => Tax= 0.55%

club value more than 75 millions => Tax= 0.6%

club value more than 80 millions => Tax=0,65%

club value more than 85 millions => Tax= 0.7%

club value more than 90 millions => Tax= 0.8%

club value more than 95 millions => Tax= 0.9%

club value more than 100 millions => Tax= 1.0%

club value more than 105 millions => Tax= 1.1%

club value more than 110 millions => Tax= 1.2%

club value more than 115 millions => Tax= 1.3%

club value more than 120 millions => Tax= 1.4%

club value more than 125 millions => Tax= 1.5%

5.2.2 Open Posts

5.3 Enforced Sales

5.4 Provisional Rules

5.5 Tapping Plays

5.6 New player in the league

5.7 Players leaving the league

5.8 Player values and positions

5.9 Player transfers

6.0 When money is deducted

6.1 Summer Break?

6.2 Players begin on the TFM

6.3 Why can 1 player play 2 teams?

6.4 Who comes into the amateur cup ?

6.5 Prices rise fast ?
The player prices rise to a maximum of 0,5 million per week.

6.6 Selling players with minimum squad size ?
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